HERITAGE ACADEMY began when God encouraged an administrator/ founding board member and a teacher from The King’s Academy to take their love for Christ and their love for children from the secondary to the elementary level. They had the vision of helping parents raise children who yearn for learning, respect others, and truly love and honor Christ.

HERITAGE ACADEMY opened on September 2, 2008 at Union Presbyterian Church with two staff members, eleven full-time and seven part-time students. We welcomed students into two combination classrooms: grades 2-3 and grades 4-6. Each child brought his/her own learning style, personality, strengths, and learning challenges. A five-person Board of Directors was established, and, along with a committee of interested parents, wrote the HERITAGE ACADEMY mission statement articulating the school’s focus:

HERITAGE ACADEMY exists to partner with parents in raising up excited learners who grow as Christ-lovers and to foster a community where kids are known.

HERITAGE ACADEMY is now at full student capacity with 13 staff members who service grades Kindergarten through 6th. The Kindergarten through 3rd grade classes are self-contained, and 4th-6th students exchange classes amongst three teachers who teach to their expertise. As you enter each room you will encounter happy, engaged students intent on learning. Small class sizes, passionate teachers, stunning curriculum, involved parents, and an open-door administration policy have proven to be the keys to raising up excited learners at HERITAGE ACADEMY. The students work diligently as they move from one subject to the next directed by teachers who are constantly moving about the room to guide the student learning. For example, students spend very little time with an incorrect answer in math; the teacher has corrected errors over his/her shoulder before s/he moves on to the next page. Because of this dedicated work each day, homework is limited to the absolute essentials. No busy work is ever sent home to impose on precious family time.

Core Knowledge comprises 90% of our curriculum and continues to provide a stunning knowledge base for our students. The addition of our iPad lab has enhanced all areas of learning by providing students Internet research, applications for math mastery and general knowledge, and Microsoft Office expertise. The use of the IXL math website and the Spelling City website for weekly practice has also enhanced the curriculum allowing the students opportunity to work both at school and at home with specific skills and challenges.

Each class takes two field trips a year to experience learning outside of the classroom. The upper grades each have an overnight excursion. The 4th grade travels to Sacramento's Rock-n-Water for a "forty-niner" camp experience, and the 5
th and 6th grades travel to Santa Cruz for outdoor science education at Mission Springs. Each field trip has been carefully chosen and has proven to be extremely educational and enjoyable for the students.

In 2014 H
ERITAGE ACADEMY begins the 7th year in Los Altos and is expanding to a second site in San Ramon, California. We are grateful that our God-given vision for providing a community where students are known and encouraged as individuals has provided great student success for several hundred families. We look forward to continued blessing in the East Bay.

"At HERITAGE ACADEMY, without exception, the kids experience unconditional love and respect. We also appreciate the positive and safe environment."

"It has been great to be a part of a school community with shared values in placing Christ at the center of our child's education."

Children are a heritage from the Lord...Psalm 127:3
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